Standalone gltf model viewer

please make a standalone gltf model viewer like DCS SIMULATOR’S “ModelViewer2”
or x-plane “planemaker”, instead of having to launch msfs2020 every time

Because msfs is using . glTF as filetype for its models, you can really use
any available model viewer - Windows has an integrated one - This is my
choice, it opens everything <CAD Processor - Open Cascade
assistant/> - The .glTF plugin for Visual Studio Code let you view the models
with different renders - you can view them online too, a sample: Just make sure you have the source PNG
texture in the same folder of your .glTF and .bin Hope this helps!

I think raptor idea is good, so although we can use GLTF viewers, ideally what
most devs and 3d artists want is to check the rendering of textures, etc. is
correct and quickly. So if we could have something that loads the GLTF and the
textures, and using the MSFS rendering shaders it would be pretty amazing.
Best, R.

What about ModelConverterX, does that work for this?

thanks for your answer. no it does not do what i want i, most models import
incorrectly, what i want is a official standalone msfs model viewer that you
can test animations, textures,etc. of compiled gltf models as Simbol wrote
above p.s take a look at x-plane “planemaker” and especially at DCS
SIMULATOR’S “ModelViewer2”

thanks for your answer. the problem with all those programs are, that msfs
compiled gltf model have custom extensions that none of the above programs
understand correctly

I was just wondering if I should look at MCX. I don’t use DCS, and haven’t
used X-plane in years. I tried getting into it for a few years before MSFS was
released, but I just couldn’t get into it. Seemed a huge step backwards from
FSX to me. But thanks for the suggestions. I agree with your suggestion, and
hope they come up with something (though I’m not holding my breath). In the
meantime, I’ll look at Mamu’s suggestions.

for msfs use this blender addon <
tools> it works better than modelconverterx but its not perfect, hence my
suggestion .