Start with aircraft ready-to-fly or cold-and-dark option when spawning on ramp/gate

CptLucky8Official Third Party Devs [Aug '20](/t/start-with-
gate/240982?u=cptlucky8) Title says it all: you can either start the simulator
ready to fly but only if you pop in the RWY which is really bad behavior when
an aircraft is on final, or, you can start the simulator cold & dark but only
if not on the RWY. There are times you just don’t want to go through the
entire checklists and just want to fly right away but don’t want to bother
other players. Suggestion:

  • if starting on RAMP/GATE, you can choose spawning in cold & dark or ready to fly.
  • if starting on RWY Holding Position (see my other post for not starting on RWY by default), you can only spawn ready to fly.

[Update 15FEB2021] @DrAuFinger is adding the following to the
suggestion: instead of just selecting C&D; or Running, it is even better being
able to select which step in the checklists you’d like to start from. In other
words, if you select the next item after “Preflight Checklist”, the simulator
would spawn you with the preflight checklist completed. NB: the location you’d
spawn must still be open for selection. For practical purposes, you might want
to spawn with the preflight checklist completed at the gates, or at the runway
threshold. See [Make it impossible to spawn on runway in Live mode](/t/make-

[Update 14JUL2021] (/t/start-with-aircraft-ready-to-fly-or-cold-and-dark-
option-when-spawning-on-ramp-gate/240982/11) CptLucky8:

There hasn’t been much support for this one but it is really simple to do
and very convenient in practice. In effect, the different aircraft states
are already preset in a specific file already:

  • Apron.flt
  • Taxi.flt
  • Runway.flt
  • Climb.flt
  • Cruise.flt
  • Approach.flt
  • Final.flt
  • Hangar.flt

The game is automatically loading Apron.flt when starting at a gate, or
Runway.flt when starting on a runway. In other words, the game logic and
code is already doing this dynamically and the aircraft settings for each is
already setup in external files. The idea here is to let the user select for
example Apron or Taxi when selecting a gate/ramp starting position instead of
the game selecting pre-defined Apron only. In other words this is nothing more
than adding a UI interface drop down or check mark for the user, and loading
the corresponding file instead of the hard-coded Apron. A small change which
might help a lot newcomers and make some place on the runway too. PS:
alternatively, adding a 3rd category of spawning point could help the same:

  • ramp/gate: use Apron.flt like it is doing now, or Taxi.flt with the
    new UI option.
  • runway: use Runway.flt like it is also doing now.
  • any taxiway point: use Taxi.flt.

And you’re done with both C&D; and spawning on runways in one go!


Aug '20[


This post above is an old suggestion I’ve formulated a while back and which
doesn’t seem at first to concern devforums. However, the game is supporting
different states (taxi, appron, runway, etc…) but the only documentation
I’ve found is about the missions: Flights And Missions

I’m posting this for 2 reasons: - suggestion to add more information in the
documentation about the use of these .FLT files outside the context of the
missions (if not already documented) - suggestion to add user-facing UI
support so that users can select one of these state like explained above.