StoredData value disappeared

I am using a custom stored data record (GetStoredData/SetStoredData) to generate and save a unique user ID, so each user may have a dedicated external database record (database contains presets, which can be shared between users).

During development and initial tests I have noticed that my unique ID was changed, i.e. it was erased and a new one created. Are there any known conditions, at which stored data values may be deleted? I have never reinstalled the sim, but I had to log out from my Xbox account once and applied beta updates several times.

From past experience, it is possible (during a sim crash, or a sim update gone wrong for example) that the cloud save gets corrupt and resets. While not common, we have seen it occur with some of our users.

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Hello @thealx

There are no normal circumstances where it’s deleted without the user requesting it.
As runshotgun mentioned, there can be cloud save corruption, for example if you encounter a CTD while the sim was saving.
In this case, you will also lose your assistance settings and some of your options.

If you identify a pattern where this happens repeatedly, please let us know and we will investigate further.


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