Street lamp light bleeds into aircraft cabin

What is the secret to prevent light effects from scenery bleeding into my aircraft. I have other projects where it does not bleed and the default planes do not bleed.

I have confirmed I have an occluder around the interior model with faces facing out. And tested to make sure tree branches do not enter inside the cabin.

The presence of light bleeding may be attributed to the absence of a sufficient seal in the aircraft model. In essence, the aircraft may be composed of multiple meshes amalgamated into a single object, potentially resulting in gaps that permit light infiltration.

For a more effective assessment and tailored assistance, kindly consider sharing a screenshot depicting the observed light bleeding. Your visual representation will greatly enhance the precision of the support provided.

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Only surfaces facing the light are bright. And our other project mesh is the same method and does not have this issue. Also our AO is a nice grey too.

A non water tight mesh would not be the issue. Added a water tight cylinder. Also added a second occluder larger and inverted both ways and no change. I wonder if it’s something to do with this light effect. I am at N15 Kingston Airport, Kingston.