Stuck in Mandatory Update loop

The Loop: Started MSFS today 8/6/2021 (10:14pm PT), Prompt for Mandatory
Update Clicked Ok Launches MS Store See one update available Run the update
(XBOX Game Bar) Start MSFS Prompt for Mandatory Update Click Ok Launches MS
Store No updates available?? Rebooted PC Start MSFS Prompt for Mandatory
Update Click Ok Launches MS Store No updates available?? So I’m unable to run
MSFS. I’ve tested on two separate computers at different times, identical
problem. I hope this isn’t another case of full uninstall, clean/wipe, re-
install … I really don’t have a full day to waste doing that especially
since it was just a XBOX Game Bar update … no idea why that is “Mandatory”
to run MSFS? Rob.

I think you have the same problem as me, The MS Store is not getting the
Update for MSFS… XBox Game Bar, is a standalone app, that has nothing todo
directly with MSFS in tis case :frowning:

Found a soltion in the MSFS Forum and seems to be working: 1) Install XBOX App
via the MS Store 2) Start the XBOX App 3) Open MS Store App 49 Wait a bit

Thanks for the response Kaiii3, unfortunately that didn’t work for me? I went
to MS Store and searched for “XBOX App”, installed it. Opened XBOX App and saw
two pending updates. I selected to update and got the following: 1. Stuck
updating XBOX Gaming Service 2. Failed to update MSFS

I’ll reboot and see if that
makes any difference. So when was the XBOX App a required installation? And,
why was it not installed if MSFS requires it? Rob.

I shutdown XBOX App even though tasks where stuck and not completed. Rebooted.
Start MSFS, got the message to update, hit Ok, MSFS shuts down and opens MS
Store. I do nothing, since there are no updates pending, start MSFS again and
this time it loads with … bizarre and makes me wonder if it really
updated correctly? Unfortunately hasn’t solved any of my issues
listed here: [Community folder loading
content-now-only-loaded-at-msfs-s.html?childToView=1835#answer-1835) The much
touted “communication” from Asobo seems to be missing? Is this “progress”?