Stuttering of SimObject + WorldScript

@Boris1 @FlyingRaccoon I’m encountering the
following issue with a WorldScript + SimObject (Moving Aircraft Carrier, the
WorldScript moves the carrier forward at a constant speed of 10 knots). The
carrier stutters back and forth when my FPS are uncapped (see attached video)
The issue disappears as soon as I limit my FPS to 45-48 on Nvidia Control
Panel. Opening the FPS counter, I can see that the issue occurs as a result of
“Limited by GPU” and “Limited by Mainthread” switching back and forth.
Limiting FPS forces the sim to be Limited by Mainthread only, and as a result
the stuttering disappears. Any clue what may be happening here?

same, no workaround found

Hello @vantech , Can you send us a project (can be a light version) that
reproduce this behavior please ? [See 3) Provide Private
bug-or-crash.html) Regards, Boris

Any updates on this?

Hello @vantech , Sorry for the delay, No update at this time, this is still
being investigated. I will keep you updated. Regards, Boris

Just a bump on this - the problem persist on SU13

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