SU10 - WASM on Xbox

Dear Asobo, Is WASM now fixed with SU10 on Xbox platform? I am just asking
before engaging with the Market place team to perform tests on the Sting S4. I
don;t want to bother them if we still need to wait more time for the libraries
to work on Xbox, etc. Best, Raul

@FlyingRaccoon bumping this question, depending on the answer I can move
resources for testing products on Xbox, etc. I want to take as much time as
possible on testing. Thanks for any investigation on this. Raul

Hello @Simbol This is not in our hands, nothing I can communicate on I’m
afraid. Please see with your MS contact or wait for MS to communicate on this
issue. Regards, Sylvain

Thanks Sylvain, Thanks for your honesty, very much appreciated. Best, Raul