[SU10B] CTD ingame with lagacy MDLX files

Hey, the bug has been reported by user already over at the MSFS Forum
controller-ctds-due-to-legacy-file-change-in-su10/529010>). Based on the
observations and tests I was able to create a package and a test procedure to
reproduce the issue on my end (link in the next comment). We had s similar bug
(related to the MDLX files) in one of the earlier Versions of MSFS already,
but that one was fixed and no other issues till SU10. What is more then
strange is the fact that the Sim crashes on on Fltsim while on the other
(using a copy of the same files) works fine.

@Kaiii3 Possible solution - 3h 30min without CTD // AIG & live traffic

unabale to test myself for the next weeks. @FlyingRaccoon can you confirm this
as possible workaround or even solution for the issue? I am not sure what the
files the user delated are actual doing.

Hello everyone. Regarding this issue, we have identified a potential cause for
these CTDs. A first fix will be available with the next flighting build. I’m
not sure it will address all occurrences as it seems to happen for several
reasons but we’ll see how many users still have the issue and we will be able
to better investigate those cases. Regards, Sylvain

Users on the current Beta confirmed this fix is working.