[SU10b] Simobject Debug Tool – Incorrect Speed Unit

Under the Debug “SimObjects” there is a new debugging tool tickbox called
“Debug AI Values” which has the following: Velocity, Throttle % and Desired
Speed. The Velocity and Desired Speed should be in Knots, however the Velocity
has a unit next to it to say it is meters per second (m/s) I found that the
speed limit in my particular Sim.cfg is set to 3 Mile per Hour. This is 2.6069
Knots. The Velocity showed 2.607 m/s. But it should read 2.607 knots. Also a
unit of measure next the desired speed should be added, as currently it just
has a number value.

Hello @HybridNZ Thanks for letting us know. It will be fixed in the next
flighting build. Regards, Sylvain

Awesome, thanks Sylvain.