[su11 bug] vectorplacement ctd when addind the same object twice

When adding a VectorPlacement object, it works perfectly. But when adding a
second VectorPlacement with the same object , the application CTD,
sometimes prompting the error, sometimes freeze, I have have a single crash
dump if you need it (it logged it the firt time,then never again) The CTD
happen when ctrl+click to add the first point of the second vectorplacement,
again, with the same object(mesh)! 100% repro, either with custom objects
or fs-base ones

Hi @mamudesign , Thank you for reporting this, A dev will investigate.
Regards, Boris

[New Update - Release Notes (Oct. 20, 2022) - Sim Update 11 Beta /
Beta News and Updates - Microsoft Flight Simulator
notes-oct-20-2022/551091) Hi @Boris , as per release notes the issue seems to
be fixed, still have crash here :frowning:

@Boris just a bump to be sure that this issue , marked as fixed in SU11beta
notes , is a issue on my side or the notes were not correct Thx!

Hi @mamudesign , Sorry for the delay, The issue is still in the flighting
(beta) because the fix was integrated for the final SU11 due to technical
reasons Have a nice day, Regards, Boris

Splendid thanks!