[SU11] SimConnect based PLN-Waypoints not overriden by ATC for approach/landing (AI Traffic)

Hey, over the last couple of days we observed a new AI behavior when it comes
to AI following waypoints from the provided PLN file. Till SU11, Waypoints
close to the airpport got overriden by the Approach/Landing waypoints send by
the internal TAC system. Since SU11 this is no longer the case, AI will fly to
the last PLN Waypoint and then start the Approach.

In the above Image you can see
the flown path by the Ai (orange), the last waypoint in the PLN (blue), the
destination (red) and the STAR Waypoint it is heading torwards (black). Until
SU11 the Ai would head torwards the STAR waypoint diretly after injection and
ignore the last waypoint in the PLN file. Was this a planed change?

Hello @Kaiii3 I don’t think it was planned and you’ll confirm or disconfirm
but I don’t think the game generate flight plans that produce this issue.
Regards, Sylvain

Hey Sylvain, correct the PLN files are generated with our tool. At the moment
most of our PLN files are APT → Last SID Waypoint → Route → First STAR
Waypoint → APT With the current issue in SU11 regarding SID/STAR waypoints
assinged by ATC this new routing was quite visible. But since we know that
Waypoints by PLN files are ignored by AI TAC, it might be worth a try to
generate a PLN file ingame with SID/STAR procedure and see how the airplane is
routed during the approach - I can try to test this during the weekend if you

I think I found a related issue, occuring with 3rd party airport installed.
When using the in-game flight planner with SID and STAR I see the following:
- VFR map will show the correct route, but STAR waypoint labels are gone -
MCDU is missing STAR waypoints - ND draws a line from the last waypoint
directly to the airport Also see:
https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/navdata-incomplete-since-su11 Don’t
want to hijack this thread at all, but I feel the issues are related!

@Kaiii3 @FlyingRaccoon - i actually did that during my testing and tried again
yesterday. Inserting an aircraft with a full pln file generated from the in
built flight planner and poisitioning the aircraft on the transition point for
the STAR in the plan. The aircraft just ignored the plan and still flew the
first alphbetical STAR available turning in the wrong direction and flying to
the transition point for that STAR. Happy to see evidence suggesting this
works differently but i am yet to find anyway to use the actual STAR given.