[SU11] Spawn Helicopter as AI?

I wanted to test out the new Helicopters as possible AI objects, but it seems
spawning them via AICreateNonATCAircraft is not possible. When adding the 407
or the G2 i always end up with a Exception 22.

Hi ! I have the same issue … AICreateNonATCAircraft raise an exception for
the Helis !

Yes i confirm no workaround is applicable to make works Helis with
AICreateNonATCAircraft (managed and unmanaged)

Hello At the moment, helicopter traffic is not supported by the game. Regards,

Hello , My purpose is create it into sim also only for static object at least
… or create it and call Release AI Fabio

I can confirm this, too: exception 22 „creation failed“. At least let us
create the AI helicopter object and control it ourselves (via SimConnect).
Keyword: formation flight replay. Wouldn‘t that be possible? To simply create
the model?

Hi @FlyingRaccoon. Is this something that is coming in the future? Not having
AI helicopters is breaking some of our scenarios and while I understand the
flight routing and taxi aspects may not be ready, being able to spawn and move
them would still be beneficial.

Hello @davux3 This is not planned at all for now. Regards, Sylvain

Is this meant as a „categorical no“ or rather as a „we have more important things to do right now“ (like MSFS 2024 ;))?

Sorry for insisting, but it would really be beneficial to at least „spawn the helicopter model“ and control it ourselves, as in „helicopter formation replay“.

To be clear: I think also the previous poster was merely asking to be able to „spawn“ AI helicopters - not that they then follow flight paths or fly otherwise autonomously.

Hello. I would like to raise this issue as it became a blocker for our project - formation flying will be available soon as a toolbar feature and will be used by many virtual pilots. I do understand the challenge of adding a new type of air traffic, but for the first step it will be enough to make such simobjects injectable by Simconnect/WASM script with several main variables controllable - engine/rotor RTM, position, attitude and velocity.


+1 for the ideas above to make helicopters at least “spawnable” as AI aircraft, and then control their position via SimConnect (+ basic animation features such as rotor speed etc. would be nice, too :))

I keep getting questions why helicopters are “invisible” during formation replay in my replay app :wink: