[SU11] TurboProps Fuel consumption formulas

Dear Asobo, Is there any reason why we cannot use the N2 Fuel Flow Tables for
Turbo Props? the current implementation of fuel flow interpolation is not
allowing me to hit the correct fuel flow consumption per each N2%. PT6-42A
used by piper is de-rated, with no mixture levers, it always has the mixture
auto. And it has a non linear consumption table, not matter what I set in the
engine.cfg it is imposible to hit POH numbers The max Torque is 1313 ft-lbs,
consuming about 399 PPH. However at 969 ft=lbs pf torque it consumes 355 PPH.
This is the table of consumption at ISA:

With the current limitations on
flue flow formulas I cannot construct a configuration that follows that chart.
I tried using a fuel flow scalar but then the fuel_flow_max variable is
ignored and I end up with to much consumption. I also tried writing my own
fuel flow simulation, but unfortunately the simulations variables for this are
not working correctly: https://devsupport.flightsimulator.com/t/4885 As a
feedback, I feel making TurboProps to work correctly is incredible difficult,
we cannot configure ITT settings properly, we are unable to set correct idle
RPMs and operations if we switch to PROP_MODERN, we are unable to set correct
reverse operation due to issues that makes the propeller increase out of
range, the list goes on. I think we do require the team to have a look at the
turboProp engines when things relax a bit at Asobo, so far I have been writing
custom physics and simulations for all the limitations I am encountering, but
I have now hit a brick with the Fuel Flow and this is something quiet
fundamental and important for archiving the correct aircraft ranges. Any helps
would be appreciated. Perhaps a full disclosure of how fuel flow is configured
could help to achieve the desired results?. Kind Regards, Raul

Hello @Simbol I assume the reason is our turboprop turbine has a single stage.
All n2 parameters are only available for jets. If the existing parameters and
fuel flow pid are not enough for you to get the fuel flow you want, I’m afraid
I don’t have an alternative to offer. I’ll raise the topic internally. In the
meantime I suggest you create an idea about this. Regards, Sylvain

Yea no problem, this is why I came to discuss these things, so we can all work
together constructively to improve all we can. I will raise an idea tomorrow
on this regards. Many thanks for taking the time to review and answer the
question. Best Regards, Raul