[SU12 Bug] Top bar menu broken when loading scenery in Dev Mode

The top title menu is now broken in SU12 when using dev mode after loading a
project. Works fine out of dev mode, but now makes it impossible to test
weather against scenery projects EG snow or wind/water.

I can confirm this issue

Likewise … confirmation

Hello @HybridNZ @vpilot @ModelMuncher That’s an issue we are tracking. Can you
confirm that opening one of the panels prior to opening your project solves
the issue? Regards, Sylvain

My observation is that the menu panels will only open Prior to a dev project
being opened. After closing the project and Project editor the menu system
remains Inoperative

It does not solve the problem as the panels close once the project is loaded

I can confirm this as well. Very annoying.

It does work with all addons disabled. Investigating Toolbar pushback now.

All addons exept Toolbar Pushback disabled and it works as it should.
Something else is the culprit

The only widget that works when a project is open is the cogwheel Custom

I can confirm @vpilot if I open a panel before opening the project, the panel
is closed upon opening the project, and the menu remains non-functional. The
icons are highlighted when I click, but no panel is displayed.

@FlyingRaccoon I can confirm the problem happens when you have the same
scenery you are working on in your community folder at the same time as trying
to load the project. If you remove it, and load you project, the top menu
works as expected.

I can confirm this as well. Though, it seems to be hit or miss. Mostly hit,
but a miss here and there.

This is happening to me in my Steam installation, but not in my windows store
installation. Edit: never mind. It stopped working in Store version too. yay.
This actually makes it impossible to work, considering the new SU11 snow
algorithm is so broken and doesn’t consider material falloff. I can’t be
restarting the session every time I modify an apron.

URGENT When will this issue be addressed please ? It is preventing development
as edits cannot be tested without restarting sim !

I found that, when working on aircraft, you can restore the menus by
restarting the flight. Still annoying, but quicker than reloading the whole

well yes but a Total PITA when editing FDE !

With the project not in the community folder, the issue only occurs for me
when I Build All. This is very consistent. Open FS in Dev Mode, Select
Airport, Select and Load Project, Select Scenery Editor and Load BGL, work on
project …save and close scenery editor, hit Build All … bye bye menu. My
Community Folder is empty, so there are not ADD-ON menu items such as
SIMBRIEF, FSTL etc. All bog standard Asobo Menu Items.

Any updates on this from Asobo? It’s very tedious having to place windsocks,
and test scenery objects against weather with a fubar top-bar.

This bug happens as soon as you touch any of the dev mode controls, does not
matter whether you open a project or not.