SU12 - copy paste error engine_friction_table - default values

Looks like the default values are a copy of the table above it

That’s the tip of the iceberg. The description “friction/torque” is a COMPLETE
misnomer - the effect is purely a TORQUE and the consequence is severe for
anyone that tries to actually stop the engine in any situation other than
parked on the runway. I.e. it is NOT possible to stop an engine by applying a
combination of torques unless all those torques somehow add up to exactly zero
and if there’s any airspeed at all this is impossible. You need friction for
that and instead MSFS relies on some custom code to get the propeller to stop
on the runway which is the only situation power pilots experience. Trust me on
this - I have spent many many hours programming engines/propellers in gliders
that actually need to stop (& start) while airborn. The Asobo DG1001 glider
doesn’t manage to reliably stop its propeller either, it’s easy to put the
plane into situations where the prop windmills out of control and becomes
unstoppable at any flyable speed, so in all gliders we fake the animation for
the prop to look stopped if the RPM is below some threshold (100 rpm for the
AS33, 700 rpm for the Discus). This is the reason no airborn stopped fixed-
pitch propeller is ever simulated on a GA aircraft in MSFS (they all have very
high windmilling speeds). Yes it’s been reported as a ‘bug’ but power pilots
never stumble across it so understandably it’s very low priority. So IMHO the
SDK docs should be corrected to just “torque” to reflect the reality of the

Hello! I have checked the code you are correct about the default values being
wrong, and it seems that it’s simply 0:0. The docs will be updated and the
other tables and values checked.