SU12 wasmxbox not working

Dear Asobo, As instructed by Microsoft team on their email, I am posting here
to report our Aircraft Sting S4 doesn’t work at all on Xbox using the WASM
preview on Xbox. It appears the module never loads rendering the airplane
unusable, the tablet is waiting for WASM to respond (it sets an LVAR when is
loaded) this never occurs it seems, and the rest of the code of course doesn’t
work as a result. No parachute, no maintenance module, nothing is running. We
use persistency via work folders, wondering if this is the cause? Everything
works on PC. Any help? What shall I do? If you guys needed a best case to test
wasm on xbox, now you have it, I use pretty much everything inside the wasm
module. Best, Raul

Seconded. Nothing on our aircraft, the Top Mach Studios F-22 Raptor, appears
to work that uses wasm. None of our gauges are on and our custom fly-by-wire
system is completely disabled. It’s almost as if panel.cfg is blank.

Hi there, Do you know if your console downloaded the WASM DLC that is required
for this to work on Xbox? I cannot say for the Sting S4 (I’ll check when
coming into the office) but I am 100% positive everything worked fine with the
F22 Raptor during our tests. Best regards, Eric / Asobo

Hi @EPellissier Eric, Yes the wasm dlc is installed, is part of the steps
Microsoft sent. Thanks for the quick anwer and investigating. Best, R.

Would you be able to provide me with your GamerTag so that I can check that
everything is setup correctly on our end? Do you know if your packages have
recently been updated by the ingestion team? If that’s the case, maybe the DLC
is not up-to-date yet. I should be in the office in about half an hour so
we’ll try to understand what’s going on this morning. Best regards, Eric /

Hello everyone. A manual operation on Microsoft side is required after you
have joined the WASM Xbox preview before you can test your product on XBox. If
you encounter the same problem, it’s probably that you haven’t been
whitelisted yet and you just need to wait a bit more. Regards, Sylvain

@FlyingRaccoon Thanks Sylvain. @EPellissier many thanks for the quick tests
and turn around. Kind Regards, Raul