[SU12B] AI Changes - Go Arounds [Not/partial fixed]

Hey Sylvain @FlyingRaccoon SimConnect based AI was reported to stay low after
the go around and fly always over the airport center point doing a turn and
flying back to the airport center point (drawing a flower in the air). Based
on the SU12B change-log it seems that the live traffic go around has getting a
fix (we have not tested that yet!), but the offline/SimConnect AI is not
fixed. For testing we disabled the internal Workaround we have (send a new PLN
to the go around airplane) and are seeing the pre-workaround AI behaviour now
agin. At first it seems to be fixed, as the airplane is flying back to the FIX
for the landing, but starts later the “flower-drawing”. Attached iamges: 1 -
AI shortly after go around

2 -
AI flying back to FIX 3 - AI
doing strange stuff 4 - AI
starts the “drawing”

Hello @Kaiii3 Regarding the post Go Around behaviour, I can confirm that as
indicated in the release notes, only the altitude was fixed. This issue with
AIs following weird patterns was seen a few times but we didn’t have a
reliable reproduction to be able to fix it. If you can provide me with the PLN
leading to this behaviour, I’ll forward it to the developers. Regards, Sylvain

roger, will try to get you something to 100% replicate. For a quick test on
your end: 1) Go to an airport with only 1 runway 2) Insert user airplane on
the runway 3) Write a small SimConnect App with incomming ATCEnroute AI to the
airport or use default AI 4) AI has to go around, since you are on the runway
5) Observe the AI pattern

Hey Sylvain, I had sadly no time to write a sample code over the Weekend, but
with the steps in the other comment the Devs should be able to weite one as
well. If you still habe issues to replicate, let me know and I will pack a
small AIG package for you incl. the last Version of AIG Traffic Controller
with the workaround disabled to Monitor the issue.

FYI: While testing live traffic today, I was able to observe this bug as well.