SU13 - broken mouse interaction with gauges in VR

Version: Flighting SU13 -

Frequency: Consistently

Severity: High

Context: Issue only in VR, found in A2A PA24, Flysimware 414, possibly other addon aircraft too.

Bug description:

We’re currently investigating an issue with SU13 beta that made the tablet screen unclickable in VR. I replaced our HTML gauge with MouseWasmModule.wasm copied straight from SDK samples, and both show the same problem. The gauge does not receive any mouse related events. You can see in a screenshot below that the the white circle driven by MouseInformation_mouse_callback is not updated. The mouse_callback is not called, neither with mouse movement nor with mouse clicks. Interestingly, the red circle, which is driven by sGaugeDrawData passed in PANEL_SERVICE_PRE_DRAW callback, is correctly shown over the cursor. This data is updated every frame as expected.

Also the cursor does not display on the gauge plane, but “falls behind” and is aligned to the horizontal dashboard surface behind the gauge.

The same gauge works fine when assigned to a different gauge texture in the cockpit. Only the tablet texture is affected. Which suggests it’s some issue related to the object or the materials, but so far we were unable to find the exact cause. Even creating a new mesh without animations does not help, or copying the material settings from a working gauge element.

SU13 release notes mention changes to handling click interactions in VR. The same model works fine in SU12 so it looks like it’s a regression with SU13.

Repro steps:


Hello @some1

I was able to reproduce the issue and confirm it is a regression.


Hello @some1

The next build of the SU13 flighting will have a fix for this.
Please test it on your side and come back to us so we can make sure everything is behaving as expected.


Hello Sylvain,

in the issue has been fixed when the interaction scheme is set to “LOCK”, but there is still problem with “LEGACY” interaction system. In legacy mode, when the gauge is clicked the cursor again falls behind the surface, the gauge stops receiving position events and never receives “Left Button Up” or “Left Click” event. The only event it receives is “Left Down”.

Update: The issue I described in in “Legacy” mode is also present in “LOCK” interaction scheme, when you try to click the gauge and the camera is in the “Instrument View” (for example Ctrl+1).

Hello @some1

Yes, we have been able to see that as well.
We keep working on the fix.

Thank you for the follow up and let us know if you find other problematic cases.


I confirm build fixed both issues. Thanks!



Thank you for the confirmation.