[SU13] Sounds - Are difficult to debug

I am trying to debug why I can’t hear wind in an open cockpit aircraft. When I am in exterior view I hear the wind. If I am in the interior - no wind sound. So I try to debug sounds. The first thing I do is remove the sound folder. So I expect there to be no sounds. But there is. I hear the external wind and engine and other ambient sounds.

Are there default sounds if you don’t have a sound folder. I don’t have the same aircraft in my community folder or main folder. I did a package clean. I don’t see the sound folder in the Packages simObjects folder. I build the aircraft - no fail message.

Two questions. Are there default sounds or am I not doing something? - I have restarted the flight, I have restarted the sim, I have restart the computer from a cold boot.

Can I make the interior wind sounds the same as exterior as an open cockpit aircraft should have?

I am using the Wave data approach with wav files and no sound.cfg only xml.

this does not work

<Sound WwiseEvent="WIND_SOUND" ViewPoint="All" Wwisedata="false" FileName="wind_general">
  <PitchCurve SimVar="AIRSPEED TRUE" Units="knot">
    <Point SimValue="0.0" Output="0.8" />
    <Point SimValue="40.0" Output="1.0" />
    <Point SimValue="80.0" Output="1.4" />
  <VolumeCurve SimVar="AIRSPEED TRUE" Units="knot">
    <Point SimValue="0.0" Output="110.0" />
    <Point SimValue="10.0" Output="150.0" />
    <Point SimValue="30.0" Output="160.0" />
    <Point SimValue="50.0" Output="170.0" />
    <Point SimValue="75.0" Output="180.0" />
    <Point SimValue="100.0" Output="190.0" />
    <Point SimValue="125.0" Output="200.0" />
    <Point SimValue="150.0" Output="210.0" />
    <Point SimValue="175.0" Output="220.0" />
    <Point SimValue="200.0" Output="240.0" />

Edit: There is also something strange in the overall sound functionality. numerous times trying to rebuild aircraft from the flight stage does not work as the sound is still in memory and you get an error. Going back to the main menu and rebuild usually works. But then if you exit the sim and then try to do somehting with the sound folder, the sound folder is still in memory and locked. Windows will not allow it to be manipulated. (please release the sound memory). I have to do a computer restart to do things with sound.

re this piece, I suspect MSFS was still running even though you couldn’t see it. The check is to use Windows Task Manager, if MSFS is listed there you right-click the entry and terminate that process.

My usual routine for sounds programming is to use the package in the Community folder rather than anything within the dev tools / package manager. Any new wav files will require a rebuild of the layout.json (a simple drag and drop onto MSFSLayoutGenerator.exe) but sound.xml can be reloaded at any time via the in-game SDK tools/behaviours utility. FWIW I’m much more likely to use an L: var (LocalVar) in sound.xml rather than the raw A: simvar because that gives infinitely more control - as minimum you can have (A:AIRSPEED TRUE. kph) (&gt;L:SOUND_MYPLANE_WIND) in your model XML which bootstraps you quickly to what you’re doing now, but then you can just sit on the ground and write any value to those L: vars and debugging/programming the sound is much more productive.

Your first comment, is not correct for me there is no flight sim in the task manager. I actually have to restart my computer to to allow me to delete or move the sound folder.

Your second comment on liars is a good idea. Will look into that.

Lol, liars?

LOL I think it’s probably Lvars auto-corrected.

Ok still have my issue with the folder, but found out my sounds without a sound folder. The aircraft.cfg had a redirect to another sound folder. So the FSX legacy stuff is a real pain.

Still think the sound needs a rewrite or ASOBO needs to flag a warning with legacy crap.

Don’t get me going on cameras …also a pain to debug.

Check in the details tab of taskmgr for “FlightSimulator.exe”. Some external tools using SimConnect seem to cause it to stay running after the GUI exits.

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