[SU13] what do you mean AE fixes? - Release Notes

Do any of the following change the way the parameter works in the the sim - Or is this an AE fix with the handling of the inputs and save resynch??

Aircraft Editor

  • Increased the number of lines that can be set as InputOnlyLines or OutputOnlyLines from 3 to 10 in the modular fuel system
  • Added missing engine_type value
  • Added TCAS parameter in Radios section
  • Added new engine parameters
  • Added Loading section in Aircraft.cfg
  • Changed n1_to_shaft_torque_table from 5 to 10
  • Made display size adaptable to system scale
  • Removed obsolete parameters
  • made gizmo window match current parameter unit
  • Fixed stringlist type parameters
  • Fixed power_absorbed_cf parameter
  • Added use_intake_density_on_mixture, density_to_boost_table, mixture_lever_to_ratio_table, mixture_ratio_to_engine_efficiency_table, use_volumetric_fuel_flow, and rpm_on_volumetric_efficiency parameters to piston engine cfg to address turbo, mixture, and fuel flow issues

EDIT: since the SDK will not be released … yet

Hello @DA40CGDFQ

These are either fixes in the editor without logic change or new parameters that will be initialized to default value that preserve existing behaviour.

You don’t need the SDK to check these modifications are not causing any troubles:

  • Open your project in the Aircraft Editor.
  • Possibly it will apply some modifications on opening the project and ask you to save. If not, just reenter an existing parameter to force a save.
  • Compare your modified source files to the ones you had before.


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