[SU13] XML parser during compile feedback

Dear Asobo,

I just wanted to provide a short feedback about the new compiler in sim with SU13, the new xml files parser check works like a Sharm! absolutely brilliant!. I didn’t post this on the flighting channels because there is not a feedback space there, only bugs and this is not a bug report but a praise.

I had a missing tag on my panel.xml and checklist… all the way thru SU11-SU12 I been oblivious until SU13 beta comes and told me straight away on the console, this saved me now lots of head aches for Xbox which we know would have just omitted the XML parsing.

Well done guys, looking forward for the next SDK installer so I can test the VFX API and WASM / JS coms! glad to see so many features and new things with SU13.

All the best,

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