[SU14] Animations broken


Frequency: Consistently

Severity: Blocker

Context: GSX, FLSTL, AIG

Bug description: code based animations for Simbojects of the “Sim” type are not functional. Animations of the “Standard” type seems to be working.

Visibility conditions seems to be broken as well.

Checking the animation in the BehaviorDebug window in DevMode, results the animation position to be 0, but using the “Force Value” to set the driving value manually does show the animation, suggesting the object itself is reacting to the animation as it should, but somehow is not updated normally.

Repro steps: Install any of the affected products.

I guess the disabled Multiplayer-Animation have direct impact on this issue… Would be great if someone from ASOBO can confirm this and maybe tell Microsoft to update the Changelog in the MSFS Forum, so it does not just mention Multiplayer.

Bug Report MSFS Forum: FSLTL animations broken of AI airplanes - External 3rd Party Products - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

That looks related indeed.

Further information that might help Asobo understanding the issue faster:

  • In SU13 normal release, checking the animation with “Logger” of the DebugBehavior DevMode window, shows the animation “Last updated 0 frames ago”, as expected, with the expression stack below showing the 1, 2, 3, etc. steps, which are in fact particularly useful to troubleshoot animations.

  • In SU14 Beta, the Logger shows the animation to have been last updated xxx frames ago, with an ever increasing number that never resets to 0, suggesting the animation is not updating anymore.

Also, the stack below has disappeared. Is this a result of that problem, or has it been intentionally removed ?

Hello @here,

It seems that this issue is related to this note :
“Animated aircraft elements (ex. propellers, rotors) are not visible on multiplayer aircraft.”
This is already fixed for the next SU14 flighting.


@Boris thanks for the feedback. Any ETA on the next flighting?

Confirm thatin the beta anims are broken using Simobjects placed via Worldscript, but not all

  • groundvehicle : broken
  • Human: working
  • animals: working

visibility conditions via behaviors - non working!
visibility conditions via partInfo - non working!

I have a su14 beta bugreport for this here: All non-player simobject xml code broken (vehicle, windsock, animation, visibility, emissivity) - Scenery & Airports - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Animations except blendtreestate

Can confirm this issue on our end as well (Supercarrier Pro)

Also seeing missing VFX on SimObjects here. Wakes and smoke have stopped on our vessels.

From what I can see this is fixed in, thank you.

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Looks that way to me as well, although when it was broken, it highlighted an issue with the Asobo Fuel Truck.

Of the 2 Left front turning wheel, the rear one does not turn left & right when the truck steers. All other 3 front wheels do correctly.
All wheels rotate when the truck is moving, its just one of the left front wheels that does not left/right in a turn.

It become really obvious during the time that animations were not working in the first SU14 beta., and the 3 working wheels were stuck turning far left? ,except the non-turn animated wheel, that remained straight (and still does when animation are now fixed)

This one probably get the prize for the least important and lowest priority bug in MSFS !!!