SU14 Flighting information & release notes

Hello everyone.

The SU14 flighting version of the game is now available.

The SDK 0.23.0 and flighting documentation are now available through the DevMode download menu.
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You can post in the Questions & Community Discussions section to discuss this new version and ask for more information, using the the new flighting_su14 tag.

A dedicated section has been created to report bugs:
Latest Flighting SU14 - Bug Reports topics - MSFS DevSupport ( Game version release notes:
See more information here.

Don’t miss it

  • An issue with GDI+/NanoVG clipping has been solved. Double check your gauges are still rendering as expected.

  • Some useful information regarding skid contact points here

And now the preliminary SDK/DevMode release notes:

Developer mode changes



  • The Aircraft debug windows stability has been improved.
  • The context setting of Material Editor when opening the Scenery Editor.


  • The Debug LOD menu has a new option to disable 30Km mesh display limit.

Aircraft Editor / CFG


  • Exponential Constant" parameter is added to the Contact Point serialization (it was missed).
  • Expert Mode has been added to the editor. Expert Mode eliminates all constraints on the editor regarding conditional fields, required parameters, or array sizes. Only already existing parameters and modified parameters are saved. This mode allows for greater flexibility of the editor but requires more knowledge on how to configure an aircraft.
  • New CFG parameters added into the editor.
  • Rotation Gizmo for those parameters that can use it.
  • An option to delete a parameter from the cfg file, or to reset it to its default value.

VFX Editor


  • Visual effect instances not being properly stopped and restarted when the Visual Effects Editor is closed.


  • New nodes have been added for maths functions - Abs, Sin, Cos.
  • New fixed orientation feature.

SDK changes



  • Support for helicopter engine trim control via RPN code.



  • New simvar to detect if every water ballast valve in the aircraft is open



  • New data is available through NavData API (Pavement, Vasi, Approach Lights).


  • SimConnect Input Events shouldn’t crash the sim after going back to main menu (or restarting a flight).


  • Ident and region are now two separate fields while requesting Facilities.
  • SimConnect Input Events function can now be used while devmode is disabled.





  • The Bundles And Packs documentation has been updated to remove the warning about packs not being accepted on the Marketplace.
  • The SIMCONNECT_DATA_FACILITY_AIRPORT documentation has been updated to show a minor change that splits the ICAO into airport identity and region (this change will not affect add-ons using the previous single identity string).
  • The documentation for positive_g_limit_flaps_up has been updated to include information on what happens if this parameter is omitted.

“Several crashes have been fixed across the title” is music to my ears;)

Simobjects animations seems to be broken, affecting both GSX, FSLTL and AIG AI:

See SU14B Changelog:

Animated aircraft elements (ex. propellers, rotors) are not visible on multiplayer aircraft.

I guss it is not just multiplayer aircraft, but ALL SimObjects

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The problem with SimObjects animations is also affecting a key feature of our upcoming FSR500 airplane scheduled for release this week.

We inject ground vehicles and other objects and these now fail to animate everything.


All jetways hood animations no longer work.


  • Anti-stall protection is now disabled for helicopters

Can somebody please explain what this fix was? I have users with blocked controls on SU13 and I’d like to understand whether this is addressed by the fix here.

@FlyingRaccoon, I can’t access this link, so I’ll leave this here for now:

SU-14 Bug List:


  • Other multiplayer aircraft engine sounds will continually play in external camera even though their engines are turned off. It will play the engine sound on idle rpm.
  • Verified with Asobo’s 172, 152 and our selection of Got Friends Aircraft.


  • LIGHT LOGO:1, LIGHT BEACON:1-10, LIGHT TAXI:1 and LIGHT STROBE:1 are not being transmitted over the Multiplayer Server. There are probably more lights and indexes that are not being transmitted, but our team was only able to verify these lights with our selection of Got Friends Aircraft.

Loading Tips:

  • If loading tips are over 200 Characters on your loading aircraft, it will immediately CTD.

Flight Model:

  • A Max Mach value of 0.0 will uncontrollably vibrate the Xbox Controller during flight.

Ground Services:

  • I can no longer call for a fuel truck at any airport supporting those services.
  • Verified with Asobo’s 172, A320, and our selection of Got Friends aircraft.

Got Friends

Hello @Jonx ,

As SU14 is now live, all bug reports have been transferred to this section.
We will need you to log issues there individually so we can track them properly.