[SU14] FLT file changes are not updated in the sim on aircraft project build

Version: SU14 -

Frequency: Frequently

Severity: High*

Context: Developing Aircraft - FLT files are not reread into build

Bug description:
When modding the flt files outside the sim in notepad++, I then build the aircraft at the runway, the flt data is not reread into the system.

Example - [FUEL.0]

Remains at previous value 0.50

Also modding the trim ElevatorTrim=016.00

I assume a number of other parameters are not updated.

I also go back to the main menu and rebuild - same issue.

I close the project and reopen the project - same issue.

I restart the flight - same issue

I close the sim and restart the sim - fixes issue

Repro steps:
Mod a flt file
build aircraft
See the mod did not take


Required workflow - fix

Make it so that if you mod the flt files the updates to that file are read into the sim and applied to the aircraft configuration.

EDIT: Please respect the Fuel setting in the flt files. Currently in SU14 Fuel setting is ignored. Always 50% in Weight and Balance.