[SU15] SDK 0.24 Key Frame numbering in Landing Gear section - Disagree

The animation section discusses key frames and numbering. the first section describing framing I agree with. there are a total of 101 KF if you include KF 0 plus the KF’s 1 to 100

Frame Convention

It is important to note that when we discuss animations in this document, we will always be referring to animations starting on frame 1. This is because the general convention that we recommend is that frame 0 is used as the “t-pose” or “neutral position” frame, where you set up the model to look as it would when parked on the runway. This is important because certain animations (for example [Landing Gear]require a specific number of frames, and the value does not include frame 0. So, to use landing gear as an example: for landing gear you need an even number of frames for the animation - say 100 - but you’d have an odd number of total frames - 101 - because you would also have frame 0.

However in the actual section about the Landing gear you show - KF 0 plus KF 1 -101 and say that is a total of 101 KF for the static gear. I disagree.

It should be KF 0 is rest and KF 1-50 is static, and 51 to 100 is compression for a total of 101 KF. This is also misapplied in the retraction,and front gear sections.

Am I wrong?

It says you need an even number of frames - and 1 to 51 is not even. right?

49,50 - even
51 - odd