SU8 - Cannot multi-select object in the 3d window anymore with CTRL-Click

It’s no longer possible to select multiple items by Ctrl-click on the 3d view,
for example to select multiple Taxiway Paths to assign properties ( or Paste
properties ), or multiple Taxiway Points to eventually Merge them, or select
multiple objects to Duplicate. I tried with Shift-click or Alt-click, nothing
works anymore. Is still possible to Shift-click on the Scenery Editor tree
view to select multiple objects. And, Ctrl-click to select multiple Vertexes
of an Apron still works.

Hello again @virtuali Thanks for reporting this issue, This problem will be
fixed in the SU8 public update :slight_smile: Regards, Boris

So we cannot develop new scenery until a bug introduced by SU8 beta isn’t
fixed until SU9 ! Very unhappy, isn’t a beta release meant to highlight
problems that should be fixed before the formal release? Kev

I agree…this is a beta for what? This bug is ground breaking for anyone
working on something big. Or do you expect us to work with plain XML text only
to edit multiple object at a time? No way this can be fixed in the next sim
update! Are we serious???

I have the same problem and I agree, if it’s beta for some reason, it should
be fixed before a new update, otherwise it’s not worth testing beta versions
if they don’t follow the reported errors and resolve them as they are

Hi @Losco_Nosciuto @Photosbykev @suomy , I edited my answer above, It has been
fixed for the SU8 public update :wink: Regards, Boris

Thank you for the update Boris, rescheduling that bug fix into SU8 will help a
lot going forward with scenery development. Kev

what about me almost getting an heart attack for that? I’m not that young
anymore! :smiley:

Glad to report this seems to have been fixed in today’s Build! Did only a very
short check with Taxiway Points and Paths, they both work.

Thanks for the feedback @virtuali :wink: