SU9: All simobjects with default animation templates (eg ASOBO_BoardingRamp_Elevation_Template) no longer work

All the Simobjects of the service trucks (even those of Asobo by default) no
longer have the animations working or perhaps their templates are disabled /
bugged. For example if I define the helper
ASOBO_BoardingRamp_Elevation_Template the simobjects does not activate the
animation of extension of the staircase. To reproduce the problem just call
the default boarding ramp and you will notice that it does not connect to the
aircraft. Also this visibility code on ground simobjects now no longer works,
before the SU9 it was fully functional: (A:GROUNDPOWERUNIT HOSE
DEPLOYED,percent) 0 > if{ 1 } els{ 0 } Another check on jetway simobjects no
longer functional: (A:JETWAY MOVING,bool) (A:JETWAY HOOD LEFT BEND,percent) 0

or It is a very important bug, as well as representing a regression, it is
on templates like these we have products in development and currently on sale
on the Marketplace that with this bug cease to work.

Bug confirmed. - All “Sim” animations for all default Ground vehicles stopped
working. However, “Ambient” animations and visibility checks still work. -
Wheels for all default Ground vehicles are rotating at a far higher speed, and
they don’t steer. - Wheels for default jetways are completely still, and the
jetway wheels dolly is also static. - The Jetway skinned hood also stopped to
work. - Boarding Ramps don’t raise, and their wheels rotate too fast and
don’t steer - Catering trucks, same problem.

have you check if it is the actual animation that is broken or maybe just the
trigger within the Sim?

It seems that simobjects no longer hear events, but have been degraded to
simple objects.

Hello @Alessandro_Simultech @virtuali Thank you for reporting this issue which
is currently being investigated. Regards, Boris

With the latest patch the problem is solved, the add-ons also work. Thank you.