SU9 Bug? VectorPlacement Tool renders funny loading scenery into normal community folder

When using the VectorPlacement tool, Sometimes the model will display the
highest quality LOD as normal but also the lowest LOD, and sometimes it won’t.
This happens after you have built the package and loaded it up in the Sim. I
have attached the a screenshot of a custom fence that is displaying the
behavior. This doesn’t happen in DevMode by the way, only when you load into
the sim with the built package. This is happening on several custom models of
fences. We also took a look at our models to make sure they were tidied up
(transformations, LOD correctness etc) and they were This image displays the

This is when the fence is
placed normally as a normal scenery object next to one that is showing the
problem. Both are the same model, just placed differently.

Hello @HybridNZ , Thanks for reporting, We are already investigating this
issue. Regards, Boris

Thanks for that @Boris

Hi, Thanks for reporting the issue. The bug have been found and fixed.
Regards, Xavier

Awesome, thanks for sorting it so quickly.

Looks like the bug is still there with the latest version?

In this case you can see at
least two different LODs when moving into the location with a heightmap
applied underneath. Looks like the lower LOD “clings” to the terrain as is
looks like before the heightmap has been loaded and the highest LOD correctly
displays on the heightmap. Due to the use of the heightmap it becomes visible
that the bug isn’t gone because the lower LOD obviously doesn’t disappear.
The model used in this instance
is the default “Fence_Grilling04_Little”.

More on the topic here:
with-the-vector-placement-tool.html?page=2&pageSize=10&sort=oldest) While
waiting for the su10 that will hopefully solve the issue, I find that with
Lightrows we can already have lines of object without much hassle :slight_smile:

Wow, thanks! I thought the lightrows have an accuracy and orientation problem?
Has that been solved? Not that they are the right types for placing fences but
just curious…

Hi, Several bugfixes have been made for SU10, it should fix your duplication
and your elevation issue Regards, Xavier