[suggestion] Allow placing of default library scenery objects (and simobjects)

There is a discussion thread, but I’ll add it as feedback here.

Please allow us to use default library scenery objects. Simobjects would be nice too.
Default worldscripts would be great too!

Many airports have terrible default buildings of very wrong sizes. Being able to correct that with default library objects is one of the important parts of making a default airport significantly better.

This means we can’t even add apron light masts at blacked out default airports.


I spent a few hours updating my home airport getting everything fixed up (ground textures, windsock locations, etc.) and was shocked to see I couldn’t add lights or hangars to replace the detected generated ones.

We can add CarParking zones though. :slight_smile:

Edit: Fuel locations as well!

Added vote :slight_smile:

I do genuinely think that this is one of the major things that would make the world hub really important as tons of airports have incorrect buildings. Hopefully it will be added :smile:

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On the official MSFS Wishlist is the “fix dark airport” Wish quite high, so let us at least add apron-floodlights to get some light at those major hubs :slight_smile:

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I totally agree with the suggestion, actually I was very suprised seeing that this is not at all possible at the moment. It is definitely a major part of creating airport scenery and gives so much more flexibility when editing.

Agree with the suggestion, we should be able to add Library objects and Simobjects.

It’s really a major showstopper and it makes the WorldHub less useful than it should be.

I understand the reasoning that the edited airport should be accessible to every user but, since some packages are clearly recognized to be part of the “Standard” package (up to the point they can’t even be removed, at least on Xbox), we should at least be able to add Libraries and Simobjects from packages that are known to be part of the Standard distribution.

And yes, Light pylons and editable dynamic lights are very important, since default airports usually lack lighting.