[suggestion] Better Visual Feedback on declined airport

At the moment we only get a text of the issues witht he airport.

-There are still missing Aprons that need to cover vehicles and old buildings from aerials scattered around

With such feedback it is try and error to fix all those spots, espacialy since we still ahev no clue what we need to “hide” with fake aprons. A image taken in the Simulator and marked with the spots would be far more helpfull to fix stuff diretly with the next upload.

-Behind Parking spot 6 there is vegetation on the asphalt aprons that shouldn’t be there
-There is still vegetation on the asphalt (A fix to this would be to polygon around the vegetation, to remove select vegetation and scale the slider to 0)

Same as above. An image would be far more helpfu. In this case I have checked all parking spots (I have 3 in total with number 6) in my Sim and I can not see any vegetation on the apron.

At the end of runway (7) there are large sections of concrete which would cover some buildings/vehicle aerials.
It took me quite some time to figure ut what this feedback was all about since there is no concrete at all. In the end I have decided to cross check different image sources and have gone with Dirt, since this is what there is in real life.


In fact, having the opportunity to share screenshots would be ideal. It’s only been a short time since the alpha started, but this is very interesting feedback for us.

Please be assured that the moderation team is doing its utmost to detail the various problems as fully as possible.

Thank you for your feedback.

(I will jump into PM for the airport review)

Agreed. Some guidance on what to cover would be very helpful. The bot has covered an area of the airport I’m working on. This area is now a building in real life that has undergone an expansion. We can’t add a building to cover the area, so I guess I need to cover it with pavement, but does that really make sense when we’re trying to be as realistic as possible?

Also, because the bot appears to be using more up-to-date aerials than what is shown as the background when editing. I’ve been using GPS coordinates for taxiway placement and ignoring what is shown in the editor because if I go into Bing, I see a more up-to-date aerial and major differences from what is shown in the editor.

Perhaps a checklist with a detailed description of each item to be checked would be very helpful and avoid a lot of issues.

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