Suggestion: Define 'Windsock' in SDK code?

So currently the SDK doesn’t allow to define an object as a windsock like how
you can define ‘Day/Night Cycle’, ‘Road Materials’ and much more. With my
suggestion, this gives the creator the ability to toggle this parameter. If
this parameter is toggled, this will allow the sim to take over in-regards to
animations rather than having to create your own animations, exporting them
and dealing with that tedious process. Once this code is implemented,
hopefully the AsoboStudio Blender MSFS add-on and adopt this and make it
easier to create windsock objects.

The devs are gonna have an hard time doing so, It would be wonderful, but How
can a computer know how you want a mesh (that Is a bunch of triangle) to
behave? The way the objects are animated Is called “art”, and Is up to the
designer. In the same way, you can’t throw a cube in the scene and pretend
that the software makes the JFK terminal out of it As a solution, there are
already some windsocks available, Just search for windsocks among Simobjects.
The Is also a big library available for free on .to Anyway, when the new
exporter Will be available, hopefully (i’m pretty sure of that because Alizee
already promised It) all the 3ds samples are gonna be available for Blender,
so It should be a breeze modifying a pre made object to your Needs, and since
the windsocks Is already in the samples, you are gonna be lucky! (I plan to do
a tutorial about windsocks in Blender in the near future ,if anyone Is