Tag/Mark default assets in the editors

The everyday increasing number of the available assets in the game makes very difficult for developers to recognise default ones.
This may lead to missing textures/assets in the final products for users without those assets installed

The idea is very simple: please give us a mark/tag for “Default” assets. By default I mean those coming from e.g. fs-base

A further improvement can be an indication in the editors of where “non default but still Official” assets are from. Those are the ones from World Updates

Finally, a report of guid/object-material name/packageTheyAreFrom would be the icing on the cake

Anyone interested in, if out of votes (most of us are), please leave a comment :slightly_smiling_face:

(Maybe something similar is already in place for the upcoming WorldHub?)

(Maybe something similar is already in place for the upcoming WorldHub?)

Even so, this would be mostly reporting.

I think we can get the best outcome possible by generating an output “packageslist.xml” or whatever you wanna call it, including after building the package, all the packages used by the airport for easy reporting in the airport description, both for free and paid airports.

This way we can just take our assets list off the list and mark the assets as “NEEDED” before any user downloads / buys so no surprises are to be expected.

Also would help developers in inspecting their packages quickly and realizing whether they used third party assets by mistake . It’s not uncommon to mistakenly use other product’s assets at first, and that has to undergo an HEAVY cleaning process which takes ages because you gotta check items one by one, and that’s all but a productive worfkflow