TailHook handle variable issue

I can’t figure out how the A:TAILHOOK HANDLE variable works with “toggle tail
hook handle” Hotkey. 1. I have made [TailHook] sections in the aircraft and
systems configuration files. 2. Connected cockpit tailhook handle to
ASOBO_HANDLING_TailHook_Lever_Template As a result, i can see the tailhook
handle switch animation by using “toggle tail hook handle” hotkey, but the
variables A:TAILHOOK HANDLE & A:TAILHOOK POSITION do not change at all (can
observe in simvar watcher) Also i can set A:TAILHOOK HANDLE but it seams no
any influence on tailhook handle animation. Please help me to handle this
issue Expected result: “toggle tail hook handle” Hotkey should switch
A:TAILHOOK HANDLE variable Thank you in advance

Hello @GKS_Dev This is being documented for SU10. Here’s an extract from the

Without those 3 interaction
points defined, the tailhook will not work properly. Regards, Sylvain