Taxiway Parking not showing , and Taxiway path on runway giving errors

Can any one tell me why my Taxiway parking spots are not showing in the built package?

And also the taxiway path all along the runway is giving me a red error message of not being linked to a runway, even though i did link it to the runway number. I also have all my taxiway parking linked to the main taxiway path grid, but still they are not showing up as parking spots.

Here are pics below in case this helps :

The long taxiwaypath along the runway has to have the type “runway” and one of the runway numbers has to be typed in:

For the parking issue, could you click on a couple of the TaxiwayParking objects and post some screenshots of the properties?

So i figured out what the problem was. Somehow, i had accidentally placed / selected two duplicate Airport objects in my project. [ in the scenery editor menu]. Some of the taxiway and parkings were under the one airport object tree in the Scenery Editor menu, and the runway was under the other Airport object , sub collection.

Thats why the taxiway paths were giving me erorr, the parking spots were not showing up, and when i chose the runway taxiway , it would not link with the corresponding runway because the runway object was under the other airport object tree [ in the scenery object editor]

I on a hunch, did a search for ‘airport’ in the Scenery Object Editor search bar, and realized there were two of the same.

So i had to delete one of the airport objects in the scenery editor, and placed a new runway in my project, this time in the correct folder , in the Scenery Object editor window.

Everything is working great now! I can see all my taxiway spots, and the runway also when i load a flight at this airport in the sim