Taxiways-Parkingspots-Error, not linked to the main graph - Not True

All projects halted due to this error, Taxi Point/Parking not linked to the
main graph
, even they are propper linked to taxiways, RWY’s and with
correct oriented HP, and all well working before SU7. When will this nagging
issue be solved, we can’s save our projects, and there seems no logic
explanations for why it happens (no double points, no missing
connections/paths, corret HP’s etc.) You can strip down your project, remove
all Parking positions, taxi and RWY’ paths and points, you have still the
nagging error message when constructing the new grid (even you can make a new
Airport working by adding the same) but trying to edit a project made before
SU7 is impossible, even it’s the same structure/method. Often the Editor just
close down you FS, all work is lost. Also you are now bombarded with the menus
from the Assistance options wich are all setted to Easy automaticly when
opening the DevMode (most of the times) trying to exit by closing lead to

yes, i’m on a big parking project (PALH LAke hood airport you can see on, something like 700-800 parking spot). i
had created all spots under SU5. And now i have time to continue, with SU7, i
can’t save my scenery before having linked all parkings. it is a long work
without having the possibility to save in the middle for backup (yes, some CTD
occurs sometimes with this product…) why did such a functionnality ? the
build process is here to show error, this is not the goal of a saving process.
This should be fixed, Really.

Hej Nirgal2776 In my projects im not able to save, even i link the P-Spots, or
finally start the whole process over with new RWY’s, Taxiways and P-Spots.
Doing the same in a newly created airport is ok :O(

hi all, I have reopened my project from months I have the same issue Has a
solution been found or do we have to redo everything? :wink: thanks

You can probably load the XML files into ADE for MSFS and save that as a
project. You can then link the parking spots and save the project as you go
along. When they are all finally linked, and compiled to assure there are no
errors, then you can load the project back into DevMode for further
development. <

I solved by removing a couple of unconnected taxiwayPoints :wink: