Terraforming not working: Is it related to previous recorded SU bug?

Hello, I created a scenery that is not an airport (a park with 3D objcts,
polyongs etc) and I added a small terraforming poly that has a falloff of 15m
to create a small hill in the park. The scenery (park) is located at the edge
of an Airport that is an Addon. In Dev mode, the terraforming poly renders the
small hill as I want, however, when I install my scenery and open MSFS, the
terraforming poly does not elevate the ground as it was showing in Dev Mode. I
just want to confirm if: My small terraforming hill could be conflicting with
the Airport Addon that might have terraforming polygons. Or that this is
probably linked to these reported issues a few months ago?
https://devsupport.flightsimulator.com/t/3414 And
https://devsupport.flightsimulator.com/t/3359 If this is the case, the dev
were mentioning a bug back then. I wonder if the bug is still to fix or was it
supposed to be fixed? Thanks Michel

I disabled the Addon Airport near my scenery and I noticed that it is not
conflicting at all with my small terraforming area (that is not working). So I
suppose it is not conflicting terraforming priorities but rather something
related to the glitches mentioned in the other posts in previous SUs. It could
be the short Falloff distance but I have a small falloff distance in another
scenery and the terraforming area elevates the ground there, unlike this one.
However, the other scenery is an Airport, this one is just a VFR one, no
airport (only objects and polygons etc) @FlyingRaccoon Can you please take a
look if this glitch is related to the one you discussed with another user in
the links I added in the post above?.