Hi, could you tell me please how can i do this like LFGP… with terraform.
At LFPG the terraform at the bridges are very well precise and when i try to
make something like that with falloff distance set “1” it makes a hole vey
weird, please help. Here im trying to make a terraform hole setting falloff
distance to 1 but make that weird form instead a “perfect” square hole.

And this is from LFPG…

Terraforming is a strugle :slight_smile: but with latest SU it is usable. First of all you
need to enable new terafforming [uncheck OLD TERAFORRMING from Options
menu] and then build your scenery like that. Tah will give you a LOT more
precision :slight_smile: Cheers and happy digging :slight_smile:

Hey Danilo081 can you tell me where to find [uncheck OLD TERAFORRMING from Options
menu] is this within the SDK at top left of screen in the Dev mode line or in the games options from the main menu? Thanks

You can find it under the “Ground” sub menu (It should be off by default):

Thanks my friend

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