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I am having some issues with getting AI-specific sounds to work in an aircraft I am working on. Two questions I have for this:

Is it possible to reload the XML for the AI Sound plane in-sim/live, just as you can by re-loading the aircraft for a player-driven model via the dev menu?

In addition; is it possible to spawn an AI version to have it move around for testing, or does this need to be done by another player? That way I don’t need to coordinate testing schedules just for troubleshooting.


Hello @thetyfighter ,

For your first question, there is no way to reload the aircraft as an AI like you could do for the player-driven version. You have to export it in your community folder and reload the game.

When it is done, you can use SimConnect_AICreateNonATCAircraft to spawn your Aircraft as an AI, and SimConnect_SetDataOnSimObject to set waypoints so your AI will move and you’ll be able to hear the sounds you want.
If you want an example of how to use these functions you can check the AIObjectsAndWaypoints sample.

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Has the bug for “taxiing” AI been fixed already? Last time I checked we could not set waypoints on the ground to get the AI taxi. Reported here: AI STATE_SIMPLE_TAXI broken? - #9 by Mauflo12961

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