Texture rotation

Hello, Can we have precise
numeric input for texture rotation value in scenery editor, same way as we
have in coloration fields? It would be very helpful to fine tuning texture
alignment online instead of tweaking XML source. Also just as an idea to have
some sort of auto option for automatic texture alignment angle calculation
along the longest side of apron ground poly thanks and best regards

Hello, I’m tagging @Darwikey so that we can discuss these topics (when he gets
back :slight_smile: )

Hello, Good idea, we can use a more precise slider. I have created a task for
that. But if you press ctrl + left-click if think you can manually enter the
number. For the automatic texture alignment, it is not simple to do, it
requires some investigations. Regards

thanks, problem solved although the precise angle value needs to be shown on
the slider bar regards