The simulator should ideally create the blurred versions of spinning propellers, turbine fans, and wheels automatically

It is a bit silly that an add-on aircraft developer has to do it manually. As
the SDK documentation says: The texture can be generated by screenshotting
the still blades and radial blurring in Photoshop
. To me, that sounds exactly
like a tedious mechanical fully scriptable workflow that computers are good
at, no? The simulator could do that process internally, automatically,
whenever a new version of an aircraft is loaded, and cache the result. For
aircraft in the marketplace, it could be part of the process that propagates
an aircraft to the marketplace.

Hello, While we agree that it would be really convenient, it’s a tricky
feature to implement, so we won’t be able to do that anytime soon. But we add
it to the wishlist! Have a good day.