Thread is missing a ton of messages

There were two full pages of replies on /t/how-do-i-get-the-actual-current-flaps-angle/5644 on the old site, and the new site appears to only have the first page: this suggests A LOT of threads may have a ton of replies missing, and with them, a lot of important information will have gone missing.

Please double check the import process, because either there were bugs, or configuring issues, but either way something went very wrong.

Hello @TheRealPomax

Our main focus was to have a stable platform ready for the next flighting.
We are still making adjustments on the content. You will see formatting errors, possibly some broken links, etc…
As you suggest, our priority now is to have all the content and we will keep working on this in the coming weeks.


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Hello @TheRealPomax ,

We have just made a new import that includes missing posts.
Can you confirm that everything is now displayed in your topic at this link?

Thank you


Looks like that did it, thanks for the quick response!

(And if you happen to know how to get the correct flap values using simconnect compared to what the MSFS hud shows for planes like the Maule M-7, do let me know =D)