Tooltips appear at top left corner of the screen

When hovering my mouse cursor over a button, the tooltip appears normally on top of the button. When clicking, though, the tooltip appears at the top left corner of the screen. Any idea what could be wrong?

Is the tooltips CSS based? It’s possible that the buttons aren’t grouped properly so the position property of the tooltip is affected by an onClick event?!

The tooltips are all default Asobo tooltips. It is a consistent problem across the entire airplane and omly this airplane.

I have this issue when using the Remove Blue Highlights mod (Makes changes to Interactions.xml - Even though this probably isn’t it since it’s isolated to just a single aircraft). If not that, maybe check the part scale and origin - something I seem to remember from doing some beta testing.

Edit: Though, on further thought, that doesn’t make sense either if it’s every animated part doing it. Still worth checking though.

It is scaling errors indeed.

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I just fixed all my scaling errors, some switches are fine, for others the problem is still there. I’m out of ideas…

The position of the tooltip on screen is 100% on Asobo’s side in the sim’s core code. That issue isn’t related to CSS or XML files.