Triangles appear on blender model when changing time

Hello, I’ve been developing for MSFS for a while now (all the way back from FS9) and this is my first time encountering this issue…

whenever I change the time in the sim, these triangles start appearing, which is weird to me since I modelled this writing from a flat plane, any idea how to get rid of them?

That look like some Blender text , extruded or solidified
The topology of the text can be awful, with overlapping faces/crossing edges
But without a close up wireframe view or the gltf model is could be tricky to understand

I would recommend to use the remesh modifier on the shape,
doing some merge by distance in order to minimize the issue,
adding a bevel on the edges
and throw a weighted normal modifier, it could help
(I’m modelling in Blender so if you are using other software you need to find the correct tools)

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I had to recreate the model and it seems to have fixed the issue for now, I had to make sure all the surfaces were aligned, and yes, I use Blender 3.1.2 for the modelling.
I’ll let you know if I encounter the same issue again! ^^