Triggering Hangar Door Animation Using SimVar

Hi, is there any way to trigger animation using SimVar such as: (A:LIGHT NAV
ON, Bool). The idea is to start the hangar Open animation door when the NAV
LIGHT is set to ON and trigger the Close Animation when the NAV LIGHT is set
to OFF. I’ve never tried to use SimVar, so I may have done stupid stuff. I’ve
written some code, but it hasn’t been working so far, can anybody help me?

         (A:LIGHT NAV ON, Bool) 0

   (A:LIGHT NAV ON, Bool)

This kind of approach worked, but it only trigger the animation ONCE, if I use
the loop=True it never stops, otherwise it only gets called once.

Check this

@Tailstrike1085, the original poster on MSFS forums

- You should only have one animation for your hangar door, not 3. Just have
you door closed at frame 0 and opened at frame 900 - If you want to use the
LIGHT NAV ON boolean to control the animation, the code must be (A:LIGHT
NAV ON, Bool) 900 *
to match you animation length Regards, Sylvain

A better idea might be to allow a hangar door to animate by aircraft proximity
to the door, for example at 50 meter distance and heading between -60 and 60
degrees from the face of the door. This could then also be used to trigger
lighting, or any animation or visibility.

What would be the code needed to make this happen (using the proximity as

I’d also love to see any example of the code required for proximity triggers.
I’ve seen it done, but haven’t found a way of making it work yet.