Trying to create new airport project in 2024. Are we still using ' simple scenery' sample project or are we creating straight from inside the SDK ' new project'

Hi, i am creating a new airport this yr in 2024, but i have run into problems creating the actual project folders.

In the past, i would copy ‘simple Scenery’ from the Samples project folder in the SDK , and edit it, edit the xmls add a modellib, etc. But i keep running into problems, such as the project does not load, random error messages, or when i add a modellib folder, the project does not load or i get errors.

My question - Is it better to create a project fully within the SDK using the ‘create new project’, and the SDK wizard tool ? [ where the blue icon box opens and you can choose to create an airport/ and add assets such as modellib ? But in the docs for the SDK i read that you cannot import blender created objects into it since the blender2msfs tool may not work with a project created within the SDK ?

Could someone please run me through the latest way to currently create a basic airport project folder ? thank you,

Adnan [Arif Studio]

The easiest way is to use the wizard in the SDK. You can import models created in blender (3.6LTS) if exported with the official addon.

You might be confusing the regular creation of an airport with the “world hub” which does not allow to import external models. The edition of base airports in the world hub works in a different way and only people who were invited to the beta have access to it.