Turboprop beta mode/range

Is beta mode planned to be added natively to turboprop engines? I heard Seb
mentioning it before Sim Update 4, but no news since. Currently, putting the
power lever on reverse immediately sets the propeller pitch to full reverse
and starts producing negative thrust. What happens in reality is that when you
put the power lever below idle in a turboprop it controls propeller pitch:

  • Lever on idle: propeller beta is at the normal min_on_ground_beta position
  • Pulling the lever back will decrease the propeller beta gradually until it hits the propeller’s beta stop limit.
  • From that point on, the propeller moves to full reverse pitch and pulling further back will increase the Ng, just like it does now in reverse.

The result of this is that when going in the reverse/beta range, the propeller
initially produces less and less thrust from idle, until reaching the beta
limit. Then, it goes into full negative pitch and starts producing
reverse/negative thrust. Required cfg values would be:

  • beta_stop_angle : minimum pitch the prop can reach in beta mode
  • throttle_beta_stop : the throttle position at which the beta valve stop is reached. I.e. -10% From throttle_beta_stop until full reverse throttle, prop beta goes to full reverse and moving the throttle back increases Ng (current reverse thrust logic)

Hello. I can confirm we’re working on this but can’t give any ETA though.
Regards, Sylvain

To add to this, moving between beta and normal modes is pretty much instant.
Currently from the reverse to forward setting on the caravan for example takes
at least 5 seconds to change into forward thrust again. Turboprops can taxi
for example using forward/beta/slight reverse thrust without any brake input
to control their taxi speed.

Edited to change my message to this; just saw the new prop stuff in the twitch
stream, great work!

@FlyingRaccoon, Any news on this, I am now working on a project that uses the
Beta range as Alex is describing, I just want to know if it is worth waiting
for the Asobo implementation or is better for me to code my own solution at
this time. Best, Raul

Hello @Simbol Go for your own solution, I have no ETA for this feature.
Regards, Sylvain

Hi Sylvain, Thanks for the heads up. All the best, R.

Any news on this? I see that Asobo B350 has integrated the “prop beta force”
for a range of throttle near 0% to make it +89deg prop angle. But i cant find
this behaveor in the cfg or else filse of the aircraft?