Turboprop engine starts at idle N1 when cold & dark

When starting my aircraft from cold & dark, the engine begins at idle N1 and
decelerates to a stop. I am using an engines.cfg that makes use of the
Condition lever parameters and a custom coded condition lever. low_idle_n1 and
high_idle_n1 are set to 68 and 69 respectively, as this engine only has one
idle value at 69%. I monitored the variables and they are initialising as

  • IGNITION EX1: 1 (auto)
  • STARTER: 0 (off)
  • FUEL VALVE: 0 (off)
  • MIXTURE LEVER: 0 (off)
  • CONDITION LEVER: 0 (off)

What could be wrong here?

Hello @SWS-AlexVletsas , Could you send us a package ? [See 3) Provide Private
bug-or-crash.html) Regards, Boris