TurboProp propeller drag

Dear Asobo,

Given the problems still present with prop modern with turbo props (I can provide links if required, I posted those a while ago last year), is there any way to tweak how much a drag a propeller can generate when on IDLE when no using prop moddern?

I need to tweak my FM for this in accordance with data provided by real world pilots, but I am really struggling to achieve any result via any .cfg file…

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I think devs should start using custom scripts to achieve turpoprop ground handling. The FS cfg is too trivial for achieving proper propeller behaviour.
you agree?

And how we could we do that when the are no tools available for this? Currently there is nothing we can use to simulate prop drag, apart from fake spoilers but these will pitch the aircraft down uppon deployment and we cannot control the amount of say pitch. So is not a solution, trying to inject velocity reduction would become very messy since it depends if you are descending, flying level, ground forces, lift coefficients and about another 100 variables. And believe me is very complex, I wrote a parachute simulation system for msfs for one of my products…

Is not about changing some .cfg file, is about how a propeller drag should affect the physics at any giving time (on idle), doing this ourselves implies we need to write an entire fligh model system external (overriding all physics) to the sim in order to achieve some results, the amount of efforts we talking about here are measured in years.

All we need is some ways for the core sim to support some simvars, configuration, etc. in order to tweak the propeller drag at idle, it is way easier for Asobo to give us these tools that would benefit all developers in the space and all available products out there, than sitting and code this custom for years.

We at FSREBORN work only developing using the capabilities of the SDK and continue to request improvemens to it all the time to benefit the core simulator and all developers on this space, this work ethic ensures our products not only remain compatible across platforms, but also across msfs updates and msfs major versions, which in turns reduces our development and support costs and benefits our customers with high quality at reasonable prices…

So, unfortunately, I don’t agree, in my opinion just like Asobo has been improving helicopters with each system update, we need some improvements to turboprops and this is one of them.


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