Twin Tail Aircraft

A10, Liberator, Lancaster, P38, Beechcraft
, Beriev
, Short
, Rutan
Z To name just a few …
With the importance of how New CFD and Prop Physics, Prop Wash and particle
reinjection affects the flight dynamics WHEN will it be possible to actually
model a Twin Tail / Rudder setup in MSFS ?

And similarly, when will it be possibly to realistically model canards?

WHY on earth would you want to model a duck ???

Hello @ModelMuncher and @tml We’re unable to tell when as it represents a lot
of work but that’s something we have in mind obviously. Not short term for
sure. Also, CFD, in its current state, will lack precision to accurately
account for small surfaces like canards so we need to work on both geometry
definition and CFD improvement. Regards, Sylvain

i see we now (SU11) have the facility to have EIGHT ENGINES but still no twin
tail assemblies ? really ??? this is fundamental to some aircraft

If you mean the Hughes H4, then no, it does not have eight engines in the
simulator. (Look in its engines.cfg.) It just has eight engines in the 3D
model. Even in its cockpit there are just four throttles. Yes, this is
slightly disappointing.