Unable to find BGL file with Airport data for EHGG

Using the excellent documentation for BGL files at

I have been adapting my SimScanner library to correctly collect airports and
parking information. In particular, I want to have the lat/lon coordinates for
parking, so I can use SimConnect to create an aircraft at that parking.
However, although I am able to find the larger airports without much trouble,
I seem unable to locate e.g. EHGG. To compare, EHAM (Amsterdam Schiphol
Airport) can be found in “Packages\Official\OneStore\fs-
base\scenery/0601/apx49130.bgl”, but there is also the more detailed version
in package “asobo-airport-eham-amsterdam”. The “0601/apx49130” module is
actually a carry-over from FSX, where the same numbered file provides
comparable information. However, in the northeast of the Netherlands, we have
EHGG (Eelde / Groningen Airport). Zooming in on the world map shows the
airport is known, including runways and parkings. I have been unable to find
any BGL file with AIRPORT information on EHGG other than a name reference in
the “0601/apx49130” module, let alone Parking data. Can anyone give me a clue
where this data actually resides? I might have missed something, but the
“layout.json” index file should enumerate all files… Cheers, Bert

EHGG is in APX49130. Airport2project and ADE for MSFS both find it.

Interesting. Airport2Project is supposed to work from the same documentation.
Unfortunately, I don’t have access to those sources, so I cannot find out what
part I misinterpreted. Also, this dump does not tell me where in the BGL file
the airport is. I think I need to look if there are “dead space” areas in the
sections, hinting at parts of the file I haven’t scanned… Cheers, Bert

Ok, strictly speaking, your answer was the answer, but it was BglViewer that
actually helped me find out what I missed in the file structure.